Totalt antall sidevisninger

søndag 29. september 2013

A beautiful autumn day/ En fin høstdag / Kobbvikvannet.


Autumn day in the mountains and the views : Høstdag i fjellet og usikten: Eidetfjellet

 View of the Efjord bridges
 The E6 road swings down the valley to Skjellesvik, and then
to Skarberget where E6-ferry arrives.
Here comes The E6 ferry that going between Bognes and Skarberget

tirsdag 3. september 2013

Storvannet: The water, the mountains and the nature.



 A little abstract art in the nature came up after a small landslide in the mountain side

Abstract nature:
I can see many different shapes of these stones
Storvannet: Råndalen, Ballangen


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